Hey there,

I’m Eli, a Multi-Disciplinary Design Leader with more than 15 years of experience building digital products and brands and 5+ years focused on improving the human experience in healthcare.

Currently, I’m VP of Design at Elemy where I lead Product Design and Research for a suite of products that underpin our ability to deliver in-home chronic medical care, starting with pediatric autism.(Hiring)

A bit More:

When working with me you’ll quickly notice a palpable sense of enthusiasm for my craft fueled by the delight I get from bringing teams together to solve real and meaningful people-centered problems. In doing so I approach every challenge with an authentic “opposite-of-naive positivity that comes from my experience, humility, and compassion for others.” I simply enjoy the work and feel deeply compelled to make things of value.

In application, the act of building meaningful and impactful products and teams is no easy task and naturally requires a process of constant iteration and evaluation. Throughout my career, I have refined and redefined my approach and process based on the context and needs of the organization and learned as much from the quintessential launch celebrations and promotions as I have from failed experiments and regrettable departures. As should be expected, the growth has  always been inbetween the milestones.

After 15 years in design I’ve worked with or for companies at every stage of growth across healthcare, education, enterprise software, entertainment, and consumer electronics in both in-house and consulting roles. I’ve shipped the smallest low code experiment to learn, delivered full end-to-end redesigns, and rebranded companies and products in both craft-focused IC roles and as an executive responsible for the impact of my department. No matter the team, product, or project I’ve created value and delivered impact across organizations to leverage in current and future roles.

If you'd like to say hello, email elibmyers@gmail.com